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Haverhill Early Years Pledge

Early years boy with book

In response to requests to support Early Years providers with ideas, resources, as well as networking and home learning opportunities, Get Suffolk Reading developed this Early Years Pledge.

We hope that your setting will want to take part in this project, as your Early Years pledge allows you to participate at a level and pace that works for your unique needs.

The Early Years Pledge is free of charge and open to all Early Years providers in Haverhill from March 2023, with potential to expand into Lowestoft and Stowmarket.

We would like to extend our thanks to Suffolk County Council Early Years Team, and staff at Dizzy Daycare, Castle Fields Pre-school and childminders in Haverhill who took part in consultation and refining these plans.

Anticipated benefits for settings

  • Additional support from Get Suffolk Reading team and wider National Literacy Trust experts, as well as peer support between settings
  • Extra resources provided via Get Suffolk Reading e.g. books, comics digital information & ideas, trails, story sacks (according to availability)
  • Increase understanding and support for all families
  • Better reach and message sharing with hard to reach families
  • Extra resources for supporting families learning English as an additional language
  • Increased confidence, knowledge and engagement from parents and extended family
  • Positive impact on home learning
  • Access to shared knowledge and inspiration
  • Recognition of development and best practice
  • Opportunity to display certificates and credit for your involvement
  • Increase in volunteers to support community work through Get Suffolk Reading
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How to get started

Fill out the form to complete your registration and start to plan your pledge. The questions will get you to think about what you're already delivering in terms of literacy skills and what you would like to develop.

We ask that at least one member of staff is chosen to take a lead and be the main contact.

A gift box of resources will be allocated after you've signed up.

What happens once you're signed up?

Over the first six months, we hope to see you at our online networking meetings. These 'Buzz' meetings will be monthly and allow best practice and inspiration to be shared with other settings and families. We will shape these meetings around your preferences and you can help set the agenda for what you'd like to be talking about.

Keep track of your progress

We are always interested to hear how you are getting on but you are in control of what you choose to record and how much you let us know about progress. Your targets are chosen by you, and recorded and measured by you - we’re here to support you along the way!

It might be useful to note down events, actions or progress on each tip that you are working towards. Quotes from staff and parents or even photos are powerful evidence for your own records.

There will be opportunity to share this at Buzz meetings if you want to, or to email them to your local Get Suffolk Reading Project Manager so that best practice can be celebrated and shared.

You might also like to include some of this when you look back on your progress over the first six-month period.

Continuing your Early Years Pledge

At the end of six months you will be able to reflect on your progress and receive a certificate which celebrates your participation. You can sign up to continue for another six months if you choose.

Get in touch

We would love to hear your ideas or answer any questions you may have. Please get in touch by emailing The link to sign up to the pledge can be found here.