Peterborough Reads outdoor trails

National Literacy Trust staff leading families on a Story Quest in Burslem Park at launch event

Peterborough Reads and Hungry Little Minds have created a series of trails to keep children active, entertained and learning.

From hunting for hidden libraries to recreating the alphabet, children from the early years through to Key Stage 2 (ages 7-11) can have lots of fun while also improving their literacy skills.

We'll rotate these activities occasionally so keep coming back to check for new ideas.

The trails

We'll upload a new activity sheet below every Monday - we hope you like them!

  • environment books

    Environment trail

    Tick off these every day sights as you chat away while out with your little one.
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  • _MAL6461.jpg

    Central Park trail

    Become a secret detective and score points by finding hidden objects.
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  • rainbowpng.png

    Rainbow trail

    You can sing a rainbow but can you make one? This trail is inspired by what has become a motif of lockdown.
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  • Girl looking at alphabet

    Alphabet trail

    See the world differently by spotting letters of the alphabet hidden in everyday objects.
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  • HungryCaterpillarBookCover.jpg

    Hungry Little Caterpillar trail

    Take a journey similar to the Hungry Little Caterpillar, find all the objects and practice writing.
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  • Ferry Meadows chat plat read

    Ferry Meadows trail

    Head over to Ferry Meadows to find all the objects and fill in the gaps
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