Islington invited to Take 10 to Read!

20 Apr 2021
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Children and adults across Islington invited to take part in national #Take10toRead challenge at 10am on Monday 10 May.

Schools, businesses and local organisations across Islington are invited to drop everything and read for just 10 minutes, which research shows is all that is needed each day to benefit mental wellbeing. Research also shows that reading has been a source of escapism for young people over the past year, supporting their mental wellbeing and enabling them to dream about the future. Children and adults are invited to pick up a book, comic, magazine, or newspaper. All participants are invited to share photos on social media using the hashtags #Take10toRead and #GetIslingtonReading, joining a national moment where over 100,000 people are expected to take part.

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Schools can sign up to a virtual visit at 9.50am on 10 May from award-winning author Anthony Horowitz. In the virtual event, Anthony will share his love of reading and writing, explaining what reading means to him and how he uses it to escape from everyday life. He’ll also talk about his favourite places to read, then introduce the #Take10toRead challenge at 10am.

Local participants signed up to take part in the Take 10 challenge so far include bookshop Pickled Pepper Books, Islington library service, several primary and secondary schools and Mayor Janet Burgess.

Monday 10 May marks the first day of Mental Health Awareness Week. The Reading Agency will gift Reading Well mental health collections to the 13 schools taking part in the Get Islington Reading literacy programme, a government funded programme to tackle the impact of the pandemic on wellbeing. The books have been recommended by leading health professionals, and the lists co-produced with children and families to help children and young people manage their wellbeing, deal with worries and cope with difficult life situations. The books will also be available to borrow for free from all 10 Islington libraries.

Find your nearest library here.

"We're thrilled to be inviting children and adults to Take 10 to Read, as part of the Get Islington Reading initiative. Our research shows how reading for pleasure can help with people's mental health and wellbeing in these challenging times. Our Reading Well mental health book collections for children, young people and adults are now available in every public library to support the country during the pandemic, so you can #Take10ToRead with these expert-endorsed books. We hope that #Take10ToRead will help demonstrate the proven power of reading - even if it's just for ten minutes." Find more information and register for the Take 10 event at

Debbie Hicks, Creative Director at The Reading Agency,