Birmingham Stories' poetry club!

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Welcome to the Birmingham Stories Poetry Club. Developed and organised by Literacy Champion Zarah and supported by Izzy, this is a space for you to create your own poetry and develop your writing skills.

Each month we’ll post a picture on our Instagram page which will share a poem. We're asking you to read the poem and have a go at writing your own.

Create your own stanza based on the poem you’ve just read and email it to Our Literacy Champions will pick their favourite each month to receive a prize. This months prize is a book bundle.

This club is open for young people of secondary school age and adults. Entrants can only enter once per month and the winner will be contacted via email at the end of each month. Submit your entries by the 24 April.

Be the Broken.png

This month’s poem is Be Poet by Birmingham’s very own Jasmine Gardosi. You can hear the poem in the video below (starting at 1:00).

Here’s some questions and tips to get you thinking about writing a stanza, based on the example above:

  • Begin your poem with a dedication: ‘This is for the poets, or for anyone who has had to stand up and speak’ and see where it takes you.
  • Focus on the rhythm and beat of your poem. Reading it aloud can help you hear if it is working well or not. Consider the power of plosives in your work (the sounds associated with the following letters: p, t, k; b, d, g).
  • Can you beatbox? Then why not record yourself performing your poetry!
  • Visit Zone In to read our writing tips before you get started.