NewsWise at home


NewsWise at home is a set of tips and activities to help children aged 7 to 11 (Key Stage 2) and their families to learn about the news together. This includes how the news can make us feel, how to spot fake news and how to make your own news.

What you’ll need:

  • Pens
  • Paper
  • The activity sheets (which can either be printed out or viewed on a mobile, tablet or computer).

Wellbeing and the news

Sometimes when there is one big topic all over the news it can feel overwhelming. Try to balance out your news diet with some happy news stories and take a step back from news if it feels too much. Here are some activities to help you do just that!

Feelings about news

Happy news challenge

Looking for fake news

Check the source, find out which news companies are reporting it, don’t trust all the pictures and watch out for rumours - try out our fun activities to become fake news detectives!

News Navigator

Gorilla on the loose

Fake or real paddles

Making your own news

Who makes the news? Can you write a brilliant headline? Find out more about different types of journalist and try out the random headline generator!

Headline generator game

Roles in a newsroom

Reading the news

Here’s a list of child-friendly news sites – designed especially for children and offering both UK and global perspectives.

Child-friendly news sites

Use the link below for a printer-friendly version of all the resources above in one activity pack.

NewsWise activity pack

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Why are we talking about news?

These activities are designed to help children increase their understanding of news, to feel confident to ask questions and to challenge misinformation, and to have their own values and opinions.

This resource has been developed by the National Literacy Trust, The Guardian Foundation and the PSHE Association as part of the NewsWise programme.