Young Writers Story Starters


These activities are simple, engaging and fun writing prompts that your child can use to create their own story with minimal supervision.

What you'll need:

  • Pen/Pencil
  • Prompt sheets (which can get below, and can either be printed out or viewed on a mobile or computer).
  • Lined paper if a printed version of the resource or template isn’t available.
  • Optional: coloured pencils

Top tips:

  • These activities have been created so your child can complete it without supervision. All they need to do is read the prompt, consider the questions and start their story.
  • If they need a bit of help to get started, work with them to create a mindmap of all their ideas.
  • Now have them take their mindmap and figure out a very basic structure plan. Help your child to think about which ideas should go at the beginning, middle and end. Now ask them to underline each idea with a different colour to represent either beginning, middle or end.
  • If your child is just starting out with writing, there is a storyboard template below that your child can use to draw pictures and write smaller amounts of text along with the pictures.
  • To make this more challenging, you could ask your child to draw pictures for each main scene and set them a challenge or complication that has to be worked into the story e.g. the alien reveals later on that it was actually born on Earth, why was this and how did they end up in space?

Get the activities:

Story Starter 1: Write a story about a day that was really fun.

Get Story Starter 1

Story Starter 2: Write a story that starts: One day, I was playing outside and an animal came up to me and said “Hello”.

Get Story Starter 2

Story Starter 3: You have been kidnapped by a pirate. Describe your adventure.

Get Story Starter 3

Story Starter 4: You have been asked to plan the Queen's birthday party.

Get Story Starter 4

Story Starter 5: Write a letter to someone important to you

Get Story Starter 5

Story Starter 6: Write instructions for a new game or food recipe

Get Story Starter 6

Story Starter 7: You are a famous author and a spaceship has landed by your house. Interview the alien that comes out of the ship and write a story about it.

Get Story Starter 7

Storyboard template: Use the blank storyboard template below to draw pictures and write smaller amounts of text along with the pictures.

Get the Storyboard Template