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Family Zone 5 to 8


  • Julian Clary and David Roberts

    Meet The Bolds with Julian Clary and David Roberts

    Listen to the latest book in The Bolds series and get a free audiobook.
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  • Laura Rae

    Monster Mornings with poet Laura Rae

    Use the poetry worksheets to create characters, kennings and rhymes with poet Laura Rae. Don't forget to give your monster a name!
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  • Sunshine handprint

    Make a sunshine handprint

    Bring the summer indoors by making this sunshine handprint.
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Listen and watch

  • Story Club episode 3

    Young Readers Story Club

    Watch the latest film in our summer story club and then complete the challenge.
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  • Ben Bailey Smith

    Watch Not Now, Bernard

    Watch this brilliant version of Not Now, Bernard to mark the 40th anniversary of the classic picture book.
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  • tata storytime

    Tàta Storytime

    Watch this new online kids show featuring beautiful picture books read by authors from African, Caribbean and African American heritage.
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  • Puffin Podcast with Humza Arshad

    Puffin Podcast with Humza Arshad

    'How many hearts does a whale have?' Are birds dinosaurs? Join Humza Arshad and the gang answer these questions in this joke-filled podcast.
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  • BBCBitesize.png

    BBC Bitesize Daily Lessons

    A new English lesson is available every day for each year group. BBC Bitesize Daily programmes are also available on TV via the Red Button and on BBC iPlayer.
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  • Audible.png


    Instantly stream an incredible collection of audiobooks in six different languages to your laptop, phone or tablet - all free!
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  • myhappymind.jpg


    Register to use a free version of this NHS backed app. It's designed to help you support your child to develop positive mental health, resilience and self-esteem.
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  • Early years tech apps

    LiteracyApps guide

    Literacy Apps is a handy guide for parents from the National Literacy Trust. Get the most out of apps that help your young children aged 0 to 5 learn language and communication skills.
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  • Teach your monster to read app

    Teach Your Monster to Read

    The Teach Your Monster to Read website and app encourages children to teach their own ‘monster’ character early reading skills, from matching letters and sounds to short stories
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Useful websites

  • libraries pic.png

    Libraries from home

    Libraries may be temporarily closed, but on this website you can find out what different local libraries are offering their communities.
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  • Summer Reading Challenge 2020

    Summer Reading Challenge

    Are you ready to join the Silly Squad? Sign up to this year’s silly-themed Summer Reading Challenge and set your own personal reading challenge to complete this summer.
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  • Bradford families

    Words for Life

    The National Literacy Trust's website for parents is full of downloadable activities, guidance on literacy milestones, fun things to try with your child and lots more.
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