Teachers' Reading Group

A free, online discussion group exploring seminal publications in the field of literacy.


Do you want to develop your practice and learn more about literacy?

Join our FREE, online, teachers’ reading group to explore seminal literacy publications alongside experts from the National Literacy Trust and a vibrant professional network.

Primary and Secondary specialists, from all subject disciplines, are invited to join. We also welcome non-teaching professionals who share an interest in literacy pedagogy.

Meetings take place on a half-termly basis.

  • Develop your literacy practice

    Discuss reading, writing and oracy with experts at the National Literacy Trust and a supportive network of fellow teachers.

  • Keep up to date

    We isolate the practical strategies from new publications - so you can bring fresh ideas into your classroom as they emerge.

  • Receive free digests

    Attendees receive a free, brief, digest of each text discussed. (So you don't have to read the whole thing in advance!)

Join the waiting list

We regret to inform that the reading group is currently at full capacity. If you wish to join the waiting list, please fill in this form.

*As part of the group, the National Literacy Trust will be sharing valuable expertise and resources, free of charge. In return, we ask participants to support our work by sharing their own knowledge and views from time to time. By joining the group, you therefore commit to:

  1. Attend the meetings as far as possible.
  2. Read associated handouts and take an active role in discussions
  3. Provide feedback and insight on an ad hoc basis to National Literacy Trust Programme managers
  4. Take part in general National Literacy Trust surveys from time to time