What is disciplinary literacy?

secondary boys and teacher

The Education Endowment Foundation’s guidance, Improving Secondary Literacy, is clear about the importance of disciplinary literacy - also known as academic or subject-specific literacy. Our training is designed to help teachers understand how language works in different subjects, and how they can support students to read, write and communicate effectively in their specified subject area.

How long is the training?

This online training involves one 90-minute session.

What will I learn?

  • Introduces the concept of disciplinary literacy.
  • Looks at evidence and research.

Who is the training suitable for?

  • For teachers who are new to or starting to develop the concept of disciplinary literacy.
  • Would support an experienced literacy practitioner to lead this training in their own setting.

What are the costs?

£550 per session.

How can I arrange a session?

For more information and to arrange a session, please email Marlene Vasquez-Cain: marlene.vasquez-cain@literacytrust.org.uk