Literacy for humanities

Tougher GCSE literacy standards mean a challenge for teachers, but a brighter future for students

How long is the training?

This online training involves two 90 minute sessions.

What will I learn?

  • Promotes evidenced-based approaches to developing literacy for history, geography and religious studies.
  • Explores reading strategies which engage with challenging texts.
  • Develops strategies to support academic vocabulary acquisition.
  • Examines key language features which help students write more formally.
  • Supports modelling and deconstruction of typical humanities texts.

Who is the training suitable for?

  • For teachers of history, geography and religious studies at KS3.
  • For middle leaders and department or faculty leaders.
  • For whole school literacy leaders or literacy co-ordinators.

What are the costs?

£1,200 for the 2 sessions.

How can I arrange a session?

For more information and to arrange a session, please email Marlene Vasquez-Cain: