Reading within the Curriculum in Secondary Schools

secondary girls and teacher

One-day workshop focusing on reading in secondary schools

Throughout all subject areas, reading fluently is key to strengthening students’ understanding of subject content. This one-day workshop helps participants gain useful strategies to improve students’ reading skills and to build their vocabulary.

The course also includes an introduction to the principles of literacy across the curriculum, which is expanded in our three-day CPD.

We invite teachers from different subjects to attend this course, along with literacy leaders.

About the course

  • Reading and viewing; multi-modal literacy

    Understand multi-modal reading and how it varies depending on the curriculum area.

  • Developing reading skills

    Learn important approaches and techniques to improve word recognition and language comprehension.

  • Support struggling readers and understand the issues around learning to read in a second language

    Explore the issues behind learning to read in a second language and adopt practical strategies to support weaker readers to improve their reading capabilities.

  • Be able to lead on conscious vocabulary building across curriculum

    Know how to build vocabulary across the curriculum through wider reading and conscious instruction.

Workshop structure


The workshop takes place over one day.

  • Explore speaking and listening research and theory
  • Oracy strategies for higher order talk
  • From talk to writing: introduction to the register continuum
  • Review and trial strategies to develop students' oracy skills in subjects
  • Reviewing subject areas with a focus on speaking and listening

Training availability

Owing to the ongoing situation with COVID-19, delivery of face-to-face training has been suspended. Please explore our online training opportunities. If you have a specific query about our face-to-face course email Marlene Vasquez-Cain.