Questioning the News: Critical literacy in English and PSHE

Tackling the topic of fake news in ICT lessons

Fake news is a real problem. The huge amount of digital devices and content means navigating the news can be overwhelming. Recent evidence from the National Literacy Trust (2018) found that only 2% of children in the UK have the critical literacy skills they need to tell whether a news story is real or fake.

Critical literacy is a cross-curricular approach to teaching that encourages pupils to question and challenge information to find out the truth. The course, run by our NewsWise team, explores how critical literacy is key to improving pupils’ critical thinking skills when discussing, reading and writing news within both English and PSHE.

This course will show you how to turn your classroom into a newsroom. You will learn how to develop high quality reading and writing outcomes for your pupils, and increase their awareness of the media’s impact upon their behaviour, identity and wellbeing.

The training is aimed at teachers, literacy leaders and PSHE subject specialists working with Key Stage 2.

  • Help pupils become informed and engaged news consumers

    Learn how to promote excitement about the news and develop your pupils’ understanding of its role within society. Explore ways to promote meaningful discussions about real news and social issues within the classroom.

  • Explore strategies to enable pupils to critically read and discuss the news

    Learn how to use critical questioning to help pupils analyse real news reports. Explore how to distinguish between fact and opinion, identify points of view, evaluate author intention and examine bias. Investigate the problem of fake news and help your pupils to become fake news detectives!

  • Improve pupils’ news writing by bringing authentic news production into the classroom

    Learn how to use real news reports as models for writing. Explore the number of different roles in the newsroom and how to utilise these to enhance pupils’ writing skills, enjoyment and motivation.

  • Identify opportunities for empowering pupils

    Explore how using a real-world context can create an exciting hook into a news project. Learn practical tips for bringing the newsroom into your classroom: write for a real purpose, research and report real stories responsibly and safely, conduct professional interviews and reach a real audience.

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Course structure and pricing

The course is available as a one-day workshop and is run by our NewsWise programme team.

For the one-day session we ask delegates to pay a contribution of £20.

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