Literacy Leadership

Barbican CPD teacher

Effective leadership is key to improving literacy in secondary schools so that students can read, write and communicate effectively in all their subjects. Education Endowment Foundation guidance recommends that ‘disciplinary literacy is prioritised across the curriculum’ - this one-day workshop supports school literacy leaders and equips them to work across their school to ensure that subject specificity is prioritised over ‘general approaches’. Participants will:

  • Explore current practice

    Review current school development plans and understand what ‘good’ statements of intent and provision for literacy look like. Examine data and other evidence to inform the vision.

  • Investigate planning for effective implementation

    Define the challenges and plan for developing key literacy leadership roles and shared responsibilities, including CPD learning and planning to support colleagues.

  • Examine models for monitoring and evaluating impact

    Explore the EEF DIY Evaluation resource and EEF Implementation Guide, and further resources available including those developed by the National Literacy Trust.

  • Reflect on school needs and begin action planning

    Understand policy writing, planning for appropriate interventions and creating subject-specific literacy plans. Identify further training priorities and plan for embedding literacy progress in curriculum development.


  1. Why literacy? The route to improvement
  2. Auditing and creating the vision
  3. Strategic planning
  4. Supporting colleagues
  5. Review, next steps and evaluation

Who should attend?

This course is designed for literacy leaders in middle or senior leadership roles with responsibility for improving the literacy of students throughout the school.


£175 for the first delegate per school, and £125 for every colleague you bring. National Literacy Trust member schools receive a £25 discount.

Disadvantaged students are often those most vulnerable to issues around literacy, meaning our courses are a great use of pupil premium funding, as recommended by the EEF.

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Could you host training?

We are always looking for enthusiastic schools across the UK to host our training courses. We ask you to:

  • Provide a teaching space with IT facilities
  • Print resources for the sessions
  • Organise lunch where required

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