Education Endowment Foundation project trial

Please note applications are now closed for this trial. If you are interested in finding out more about plans for next steps please email

Programme overview

The project is a randomised, controlled trial of children in Year 1 classrooms running in the academic year 2018-19. Participating schools are allocated to one of three groups:

  • an ICT based reading programme of small group reading activities
  • a non-ICT based version of the programme of small group reading activities
  • a third group will not run the programme (the control group)

The reading programme contains 3 basic areas:

  • decoding (e.g. phonics, including blending, letter sounds, decoding, sight words)
  • fluency (e.g. reading prose, reading with proper intonation)
  • comprehension (e.g. summarising, comprehension monitoring, prediction, etc)

The programme is delivered in 15 minute sessions, 4 times a week to each group, for 20 weeks over one academic year