Developing a love of reading

Alexandra Jones - storyteller

Using stories and book talk in reception and Key Stage 1 is crucial to helping build pupils’ imagination, their vocabulary and their love of reading. This one-day workshop helps teachers develop knowledge, understanding and strategies to build a culture of reading across their school.

100% of participating teachers said they would recommend this workshop to another school.

How long is the training?

This online training consists of two 90-minute sessions.

What will I learn?

  • Reading for pleasure: why it matters
  • Creating a reading culture: what research tells us
  • Book talk: formal and informal ways to engage readers
  • Teaching strategies: engendering the will and teaching the skill
  • Reflection and next steps

What are the costs?

£1,100 which covers both sessions.

How can I arrange training?

For more information and to arrange training, please email Ruth King:

"Thank you for a thought provoking/inspiring day! I can't wait to pick up a book and read it with my children!"