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Young Nottingham Poets participants' area

Added 12 Nov 2020

This area is for schools involved in the Young Nottingham Poets project. Any resources for your pre-visit or follow-up activities can be downloaded from this page. This area also includes a skeleton scheme of work and a copy of the handbook.

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  • Autumn term 2020: training sessions
  • January/February 2021: working with your allocated cultural venue
  • March 2021: a workshop from your allocated professional poet

Follow-up activities include the publication of an anthology of students' poetry, and performance opportunities

Our partners

Below is a reminder of the Nottingham-wide project partners, and what you can expect from this programme.

St Ann's Allotments

The bespoke workshop at St Ann's Allotments inspires pupils to think creatively about nature, as they visit different allotment plots. With a workshop with Ioney Smallhorne, they will go on to write nature city poems imagining their own allotment space within Nottingham's city centre.

The National Ice Centre

The bespoke workshop at the National Ice Centre called "Learning to Fall", aims to build pupils' resilience through learning ice skating skills. They will learn about the science of ice, and bring this knowledge into poems about resilience with the aid of poet Manjit Sahota.

Nottingham Playhouse

The bespoke workshop at Nottingham Playhouse, called "Performing Personal Histories", aims to allow pupils to explore advanced aspects of performance poetry, such as movement, voice, gesture and tone in poetry. They will go on to write personal history poems with help from Georgina Wilding.

Nottingham Castle

The bespoke workshop at Nottingham Castle, called "Rebellious Architects" draws on their opening theme of "rebellion", through which pupils will learn about Nottingham Castle as a site of rebellion, re-birth, community, unity, pride and justice. Pupils will engage with these themes as they re-imagine the Castle and its surrounds, writing poems of rebellion with the aid of poet Joshua Judson.

National Justice Museum

We have worked with the National Justice Museum to develop a bespoke workshop called "Writing from Silence". Pupils will receive a personal notebook, where they will develop the skills to write "feeling" poems. They will go on to work with Panya Banjoko, writing poems that explore the history of crime and punishment through themes likes space, confinement, feeling and body.

Contact us

If you have any questions about the project, please contact Penny Newell - Project Manager.