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Young Bradford Poets participants' area

Added 11 Nov 2020

This area is for schools involved in the Young Bradford Poets project. Any resources for your pre-visit or follow-up activities can be downloaded from this page. This area also includes a skeleton scheme of work and a copy of the handbook.

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  • Autumn term 2020: training sessions
  • January/February 2021: working with your allocated cultural venue
  • March 2021: a workshop from your allocated professional poet

Follow-up activities include the publication of an anthology of students' poetry, and performance opportunities

Our Partners

Below is a reminder of the Bradford-wide project partners, and what you can expect from this programme.

St George's Hall

We have worked with St George's Hall to develop a bespoke workshop called "Listen UP", introducing pupils to amazing poets connected to St George's Hall and helping them to explore their voice through vocal drama exercises. Kirsty Taylor will help pupils to write poems using their voice to convey an important message.

Bradford Industrial Museum

We have worked with Bradford Industrial Museum to develop a bespoke workshop called "Displays of Care", encouraging pupils to reflect on treasured objects and how we care for our belongings. They will have the rare opportunity to handle objects in the museum collection, exploring the language of fixing, mending or maintaining. Matt Abbott will help pupils to write poems thinking about how we care for our possessions.

The Peace Museum

We have worked with The Peace Museum to develop a bespoke workshop called "Building Peace". Pupils will reflect on peace in relation to themes such as belonging, identity, place and home. In particular, they will learn about Bradford’s history as a place of refuge and settlement. With time to personally explore the museum's collection, pupils will go on to write poems about identity and peace with the help of poet Sharena Lee Satti.

The Climbing Hub

We have worked with The Climbing Hub to develop a bespoke workshop called "Keeping Each Other Safe". Pupils will learn safety techniques specific to a climbing wall environment, spend time climbing with the support of instructors, and explore how climbing skills transfer into supporting one another and valuing teamwork. Toria Garbutt will help students to write "team" poems exploring resilience, integrating a line written by a peer.

Contact us

If you have any questions about the project, please contact Penny Newell - Project Manager.