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Talk To Your Baby 2016: Helping Early Language & Literacy Outcomes

Added 28 Feb 2017
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The Talk To Your Baby 2016 conference was held in London on 29 February 2016. All of the speakers' presentations are available to download. The topics and speakers were:

  1. Guidance on Speech, Language and Communication: Building partnerships with parents to help children learn to talk

Alison Williams from FlyingStart

2. HELLO: Helping Early Language & Literacy Outcome

Dr Cathy Hamer, National Literacy Trust Consultant

3. Reading Together: Promoting language development in young children through shared reading
Claire Noble from The University of Liverpool

4. Talk to your baby: why and how
Naomi Eisenstadt

5. Exploring Play and Creativity in Preschoolers use of apps

Dylam Yamada-Rice, University of Sheffield

6. Bringing Fathers In: The ‘DAD FACTOR’ in Children's Literacy and Language Development

Jeszemma Garrat of the Fatherhood Institute

7. An overview of Harrington Nursery School
Lindsay and Laura of Harrington Nursery School

8. Basket of opportunities
Dr Madeleine Portwood, South Tyneside Council

9. Michelle McGillion, Julian Pine, Jane Herbert & Danielle Matthews, University of Sheffield

Contingent talk: An intervention to promote language development in infancy