Skills Academy sample challenge - beatbox and breakdance

Added 09 Apr 2019
Beatbox Mide and microphones

What is Skills Academy?

Skills Academy is an intervention programme for reluctant readers in Years 7 and 8. Skills Academy sessions give direct instruction on five key comprehension skills and helps students access the wider curriculum. It has two modules focusing on freestyle football and beatbox & breakdance and uses a variety of interesting texts that engage the students. To date 1 in 3 participating students improved their reading age by an average of 11 months after just ten sessions.

Each lesson is an easy-to-use PowerPoint presentation with accompanying notes and resources. In each lesson, students can go online, fulfill two comprehension challenges and then unlock a video reward after each successful challenge. The videos have professionals teaching the students how to master a particular skill in either freestyle football or beatbox & breakdance.

What's in this free resource?

This free sample resource gives you the opportunity to try the challenges from the first beatbox & breakdance lesson. The texts and questions in both challenges relate to the comprehension skill “questioning” and draw on what the students have been studying in class. Students can work independently or as a group.

“We want every participant to increase in confidence and we hope that these tutorial videos will reach an even larger classroom audience and inspire a new generation of creative thinkers.”

The Sons of Pitches

Skills Academy is easy to purchase and an annual subscription costs only £150! Schools receive access to both modules, 10 free books for the class and unlimited student registration - PLUS free school membership of the National Literacy Trust, which is worth £100 alone.