Skills Academy sample resource - freestyle football

Added 13 Apr 2018
Skills Academy

Skills Academy is a 10-week programme that helps secondary school students in Years 7 and 8 improve their literacy skills, focusing primarily on comprehension. Each of the 10 weeks has a carefully designed lesson plan focusing on a national curriculum-based comprehension goal.

Our recent evaluation showed that half of students participating in Skills Academy improved their reading age on average by 8.4 months over the 10 week programme, while 7 in 10 (71%) students said reading interesting texts as part of the programme had motivated them to be better readers, rewarding their reading progress by teaching them exciting freestyle football tricks. A second version of Skills Academy launched in November 2018 that includes an additional beatbox and breakdance module.

This PowerPoint is the first in the series of 10 and will demonstrate how to run the freestyle football module of Skills Academy in your classroom. It includes suggestions for activities and extracts from popular books including Keeper by Mal Peet.

Schools can buy Skills Academy for just £150. Schools will receive a collection of books, fun resources and 10 curriculum-linked PowerPoint lesson plans which focus on improving five core reading comprehension skills: questioning, clarifying, summarising, predicting and inference. Schools also receive a year’s free membership to the National Literacy Trust.