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Reading for Pleasure 3 day participants' area

Added 25 Jul 2017
PLRS teacher

Thank you for participating in our Reading for Pleasure CPD. Here we have provided downloadable copies of training handouts and presentations for you to copy and distribute in your school.

To prepare for Day 1 you could start to think about the sort of pupil group you would like to focus on. If you aren't sure yet, don't worry: guidance and advice will be given at the training. We also ask that all attendees bring a children’s book they really like and a book they couldn’t put down.

After Day 1, armed with the new knowledge you've gained, you will need to decide what baseline data you will collect. This will need to completed before Day 2. You will also need to decide on a book to teach as part of your intervention, using the techniques in the Reading for Pleasure Resource and shared on the training day. Lastly, you should decide on the format or your learning journal. This is a personal tool to support professional dialogue and feedback.

You should come to Day 2 ready to talk about your baseline data and research focus, the book you have chosen to use and the approaches you are taking to strengthen and promote reading for enjoyment in your schools.

After Day 2, back in school, you’ll continue to focus on your action research project, using these resources and other membership resources throughout.

The final day of this programme is a celebration of all the great work you have done, so please prepare a 5-10 minute presentation for the group. This doesn't need to be anything formal if you don't want it to be. Please bring along any images, video interviews or resource that others would find helpful to illustrate your findings during the feedback and collaboration morning. You can also use the presentation format listed in the resources here to help shape your presentation, but it’s up to you how you present your work!

If you have any questions on any of the above or require any guidance during your project please email or call 020 7587 3067.