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Oracy within the Curriculum participants' area

Added 09 Aug 2019
Words for Work

Thank you for participating in our Oracy within the Curriculum in Secondary Schools workshop. Here you will find downloadable copies of the training handouts and presentation to distribute in your school.

The resources

Having attended the workshop, you may find it useful to try the activities described in handout 4. Then, as an auditing exercise, we suggest you undertake the subject leader follow-on task. This is a really useful way of assessing current provision and ascertaining how your students would most benefit from the strategies you have learnt in the training. You will also find some useful resources at Voice 21.

The training

This workshop is a standalone training day taken from Language and Literacy within the Curriculum, a three day CPD which focuses on reading, writing and oracy. We have now launched Reading within the Curriculum in Secondary schools as a one-day training session so, when you have the opportunity to attend, this is an excellent opportunity to supplement the great work you’ve done.

We also offer subject-specific modules – Literacy for Maths, Literacy for Humanities and Literacy for Science – which complement the cross-curricular training really well by providing a more concentrated set of practical strategies.

Attendance at the training entitles you to a 25% discount on network membership, which gives you access to a wealth of resources to support learning. To get your discount code, or discuss these any of the options above, please email or call 020 7587 3067.