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NewsWise workshop resources

Added 22 Sep 2020
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The resources on this page have been designed for schools participating in our Enter the Newsroom virtual workshops. The materials will need to be printed in advance of the session.

Before your workshop

Prior to your workshop please ensure you are fully prepared by:

  • downloading the materials provided in the available files section of this page
  • ensuring that sufficient copies have been printed and that these are handed out to pupils before the workshop begins
  • allowing time in advance to cut out the press passes and NewsWise mic prop.

The resources include

  • Press passes and mic prop to help create your newsroom
  • Question the source bookmarks
  • Real or Fake? news prompt sheets.

We're really looking forward to delivering the workshop to your pupils. If you have any questions, please email us at

About NewsWise

NewsWise is a free, cross-curricular news literacy project for 7-to-11-year-olds across the UK. It helps teachers empower their Key Stage 2 pupils to understand, critically navigate and report real news. Find out more about NewsWise.