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Literacy Guide for Schools 2016/17

Added 11 Aug 2017
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This resource is from 2016/17. For the most up-to-date literacy guide for schools, download our Annual Literacy School Review 2018/19.

Read our guides for primary and secondary school which interpret current literacy policy and research and advise on how to translate this to the classroom. The guides are in line with policy, informed by research and inspired by good practice.

What is it?

Two school resources – one primary, one secondary.

Each resource:

  • Interprets literacy policy changes and research
  • Advises on how this translates into the classroom and wider school
  • Signposts to relevant membership content (and more) to support your planning and turn research into effective practice

Both are designed to be used alongside the Annual Literacy Review.

What areas are covered?


  1. Early reading and phonics
  2. Reading for enjoyment
  3. Reading comprehension
  4. Writing culture
  5. Writing curriculum
  6. Embedding the writing process
  7. Vocabulary, grammar and punctuation
  8. Writing transcription - spelling and handwriting
  9. Spoken language
  10. Leadership and accountability


  1. Leading literacy across the school
  2. Reading for enjoyment and wider reading
  3. Developing teachers' reading approaches and pedagogy
  4. Supporting reading through interventions such as phonics
  5. Writing engagement and enjoyment
  6. Developing teachers' writing knowledge and pedagogy
  7. Supporting writing through embedding spelling, grammar and punctuation
  8. Developing spoken language skills

For up to date policy and research see the Literacy Guide for Schools 2017/18.