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IPEELL: Improving Writing in Key Stage 3 participants' area

Added 24 Jun 2019
Secondary boys writing

Thank you for taking part in this pilot programme for IPEELL: Improving Writing in Key Stage 3. This course helps teachers develop strategies to take their Key Stage 3 pupils beyond scaffolded writing, building confidence and self-assessment skills, and providing a structure for pupils to tackle writing challenges across different text types.

The resources

Here you can find all the relevant documents from the CPD that you can use to support your work in school, and download and share with your colleagues. They include:

  • The resource booklet
  • A text type mapping sheet
  • A text type starter exercise
  • Moderated text type examples
  • Guidance posters
  • Further text type examples
  • Training slides

The teacher outline plan, with evaluation requirements and timings will be uploaded here shortly.

If you have any questions, please email or call on 020 3967 9821.

If you're not a participant in the IPEELL training, you won't be able to access these resources. Find out more about the course and upcoming training.