Get your copy right

Added 23 Aug 2017
Pen writing

This resource asks Key Stage 2 or Key Stage 3 students to research and develop a promotional information guide to a local attraction.

Students will learn about creating a high-quality promotional guide and develop their skills in writing information-based texts. They will also learn about issues around plagiarism, copyright and intellectual property.

The project can be undertaken by individual pupils in small groups or as a whole class, during term time or outside school, enabling you to use it flexibly. Equally it can be used in part, with many elements acting as stand-alone resources.

The resource includes:

  • an introduction and overview for teachers
  • preparatory work (much of which will be suitable to use as one-off sessions)
  • a brief and materials for students to create information booklets on a local attraction or site of interest
  • a series of exercises for the students to use to develop and produce their information booklet (including researching and gathering information, using images, and planning and preparing the booklet)
  • fact sheets and guides (to support the preparatory sessions)

Links to the national curriculum:

The resource is linked to the national curriculum in the following areas:

  • Key Stage 2: reading, writing, spoken language
  • Key Stage 3: writing, grammar and vocabulary, spoken English