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Developing a whole-school reading environment

Added 23 Oct 2017
Reading Environment

“In too many schools there is no coherent policy on reading overall; schools put in place numerous programmes to support reading, especially for weak readers, but do not have an overall conception of what makes a good reader.”  Moving English forward, Ofsted, 2012

The development of children’s word-reading skills and comprehension is intertwined with the need to foster a love of books and reading to create life-long readers.

These resources provide practical tips and ideas for inspiring a vibrant whole-school reading environment. For primary teachers, there are tips on how to get new staff involved, a pupil reading perception survey, a reading escapes postcard and tips for successful buddy reading in primary school. For secondary, you’ll find a list of books that complement the humanities and tips for making the most of tutor time to engage the whole school in literacy activities and develop speaking and listening skills.

Find out about our Reading for Pleasure CPD which explores the link between a love of reading and attainment and helps you to drive an improved reading culture across your school.