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Annual Literacy School Review 2017/18

Added 25 Aug 2017

An updated version of this annual review is now available - see our Annual Literacy School Review 2019/20.

Primary ALSR_Reading enjoyment.jpg

A set of posters to help you evaluate your current literacy provision and develop an action plan for moving forward. There are primary and secondary versions available covering key literacy areas:

1. Early reading and phonics
2. Reading enjoyment
3. Reading comprehension
4. Writing culture
5. Writing curriculum
6. Embedding the writing process
7. Vocabulary, grammar and punctuation
8. Transcription - handwriting and spelling
9. Spoken language

1. Leading whole-school literacy
2. Reading enjoyment
3. Reading skills
4. Writing enjoyment
5. Writing skills
6. Spoken language
7. Supporting literacy

Perfect for staff meetings, senior leadership discussions and literacy leader analysis, the posters are supported by a wealth of membership resources. The posters are designed to be printed in A3 and displayed around the school.

Annual Literacy Toolkit

The Annual Literacy School Review sits alongside our Annual Literacy Research and Policy Guide and our Annual Literacy Pupil Survey. Together this Literacy Toolkit provides a comprehensive suite of materials to support evaluation, reflection and ongoing strategic development of whole-school literacy. Updated every year, these three essential publications can be built into your annual school-improvement cycle to provide a gateway to good practice that is informed by evidence, in line with policy and inspired by practical ideas.