Literacy for Life

Literacy for Life

Literacy for Life helps students develop the literacy skills they need to do well at school and in their future lives.

Literacy for Life Voices festival

About the programme

Many pupils arrive at secondary school without the literacy and language skills they need to succeed. 

Literacy for Life trains teachers on the literacy requirements of their subject area, so that pupils are supported to develop their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. 

Encouraging literacy

Literacy for Life also encourages approaches such as:

  • Matching each school with an author-in-residence, who delivers creative workshops for pupils
  • Introducing audiobook libraries to schools
  • Encouraging teachers to read aloud to pupils each day

Language and Literacy Within the Curriculum CPD

We have used our experience with Literacy for Life to develop our cross-curricular 3-day professional development programme Language and Literacy within the Curriculum.  

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