We launch our brand new Education Recovery area

06 May 2021
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In light of what has been a very difficult year for teachers and practitioners, the National Literacy Trust is here to support you as you deliver your recovery curriculum.

Today we are delighted to launch our Education Recovery area which is full of evidence-based training, interventions, programmes and resources to help you and your school.

We're offering both free and paid-for specialised training opportunities, targeted interventions and a wide range of programmes and resources to equip you with the best strategies and tools for enabling children to build on the skills they have, and move forward from recent challenges.

We are proud to have supported teachers and schools in the last year. We continue to strengthen out links with schools in the 14 areas where we have literacy Hubs and support thousands of education professionals and pupils across England, Scotland and Wales every year.

We have so much on offer, check out all the great options below and visit our Education Recovery area for more information.

Professional Development for Teachers

We know that skilled and knowledgeable teachers have the most impact on pupils’ progress. We have been providing professional development for teachers across the UK for many years and we work in partnership with Local Authority School Improvement teams, local Education Partnerships, Research Schools, English Hub schools, Multi Academy Trusts, ITE providers and the Department for Education to bring teachers the highest quality CPD and a wide offering.

We also run our own training courses which you can book directly.. We want as many teachers and education professionals to be able to access training, so we have a range of course and deliver these both online and face- to- face.

We also run three conferences every year, Talk to Your Baby, our primary conference and our Literacy for Learning conference which showcase innovative best practice and the latest research.

Our courses are fully aligned with the DfE standards for teachers' professional development and offer teachers both a chance to immerse themselves in enquiry, questioning and experimentation and innovative strategies and practical ideas to support literacy.

Targeted interventions

Many schools will want to use their catch up Premium to target pupils who need extra support in addition to class teaching.

The National Literacy Trust can help with this. We deliver interventions on both reading and writing for young people in Key Stage 2 and 3. This includes the EEF endorsed Improving Writing programme and our Premier League Reading Stars programme, created in partnership with the Premier League. We also recommend packages from our partners at Catch up. You can get a discount on this if you are a National Literacy Trust member.

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Holistic schools programmes

All children and young people deserve a holistic, broad and creative recovery curriculum.

Thanks to the support of our partners, the National Literacy Trust is able to offer a range of evidence-based programmes for early years, primary and secondary, that will enrich your literacy teaching and remind you why you became a teacher!

They all include teaching resources, books and teacher professional development and are fully evaluated in partnership with teachers to measure the impact on pupils’ outcomes and on teachers’ skills and confidence.

Our programmes take a holistic approach to developing confidence and motivation around reading, writing and communication and inspire pupils who may not have engaged easily with reading or writing before.

All of our programmes are free to eligible schools. Find out more about out programmes and if you are eligible.

Resources for teachers and librarians

Our teaching resources help teachers go the extra mile. We provide those additional assets that bring a lesson to life that would be difficult for hard-pressed teachers to gather or organise themselves.

This includes live events with top authors, ready-made assemblies, curated booklists, access to role models and celebrities, free audio, video and ebook content, lessons that include popular culture and young people’s interests.

We also deliver a Virtual School Library with Oak National Academy. Every week, the Virtual School Library hosts a free ebook or audiobook as well as accompanying reading and writing activities from much-loved children’s authors, our authors of the week, as well as exclusive video content.

Membership of the National Literacy Trust

We also support the literacy leadership in your school with audits and self-evaluation tools, staff meeting PowerPoints and our ever-popular annual guides to current research around literacy.

Our membership is a community of practice and is designed to inspire and support you and your colleagues. You can also gain access to exclusive resources and great discounts, including 40% off books you buy for your school.

Become a member today.

We work really hard to continually strengthen our support and offering for teachers across the UK and we’re really proud to have supported so many so far and look towards helping many, many more. We have a huge range of programmes, professional development, resources and interventions we hope will help teachers on their way to whole school recovery after a year of such disrupted learning. We understand that teachers are so stretched, physically, emotionally and creatively, so we hope our offerings can help them use their time in the best way, get their pupils’ literacy confidence up and get back to what they do best, teaching in the classroom!

Fiona Evans, Director of School Programmes at the National Literacy Trust