We launch new resource page to help Year 6 teachers support literacy and wellbeing when schools reopen

27 May 2020
SPL Young Readers Programme

To support Year 6 teachers who are preparing to welcome their classes back to school, we have collected our literacy and wellbeing resources for 10 to 11-year-olds on one handy page.

Our Back to School page hosts several of our top teaching resources, fun lesson ideas and activities. To support schools in putting their best foot forward, we have removed restrictions on several resources and our Skills Academy programme is currently available for free for Year 6 teachers.

The summer term can be a particularly challenging time for Year 6 children as they prepare to transition to secondary school. This may feel especially overwhelming at the moment, as they have been away from their daily routine, classroom and friends for an extended period of time.

Building children’s literacy skills can help them feel positive about this change and give them a strong start to Year 7. We've included several activities that focus on children’s wellbeing during this transition period.

The activities available include:

  • Happy News Project - an activity which focuses on wellbeing and develops teamwork, speaking and listening skills and journalistic writing and reading skills.
  • Skills Academy - (now available for free) improves struggling students’ reading and helps them to feel secondary school ready, rewarding their progress in a fun and engaging way.
  • The Book of Hopes – a free collection of short stories, poems and pictures to help children feel positive, from over 110 children’s writers and illustrators, dedicated to those working in hospitals.
  • Young Readers Programme Back to School resource - easy-to-deliver activities to improve children’s literacy skills whilst promoting a positive classroom environment.
  • Everybody Writes: writing groups - a guide on setting up a writing club, tips on planning, games and activities, evaluating the impact of the club and sustaining it.

Check out the full list of resources on our Back to School page.