Skills Academy returns using freestyle football, beatboxing and breakdancing to boost struggling students’ reading skills

06 Dec 2018
Skills Academy beatbox

We have today launched a new and improved version of our successful Skills Academy reading intervention, sponsored by Clarks.

To date, Skills Academy has helped 1 in 3 participating students in Years 7 and 8 improve their reading age by an average of 11 months in just 10 weeks, rewarding their reading progress by teaching them exciting freestyle football tricks.

Thanks to the generous support of Clarks, the programme now includes an additional beatbox and breakdance module. Every week, students will be rewarded for their reading progress by unlocking exclusive how-to videos from freestyle football, beatbox and breakdance professionals on the revamped Skills Academy website.

From today, schools can buy Skills Academy for just £100. Schools will receive a collection of books, fun resources and 10 curriculum-linked PowerPoint lesson plans which focus on improving five core reading comprehension skills: questioning, clarifying, summarising, predicting and inference. Schools will also get the chance to attend events with exciting children’s authors, and receive a year’s free National Literacy Trust membership – worth £100 alone.

Over the next five years, the National Literacy Trust and Clarks are aiming to improve the reading skills of more than 22,500 students in Years 7 and 8 through the programme.

"Thanks to the generous support of Clarks, we are now able to bring exclusive videos from professional beatboxers and breakdancers, as well as high quality teaching resources and new books, into the classroom to get students excited about reading and eager to show off their new skills to their friends!”

Tim Judge, Senior Sport and Literacy Programme Manager