25% off Skills Academy to celebrate #Literacy25

22 Feb 2018
Skills Academy celebration day

2018 is the National Literacy Trust’s 25th anniversary, and to celebrate we’re offering 25% off our football-themed reading intervention, Skills Academy!

Skills Academy helps Year 7 and 8 students improve their reading, rewarding their progress by teaching them exciting football tricks. The programme will be available for £150 until the end of March, reduced from its usual price of £200.

A newly-released evaluation of the National Literacy Trust’s freestyle football reading intervention, Skills Academy, has found that 1 in 3 students who take part in the programme improve their reading age by an average of 11 months in just 10 weeks.

Across 10 lessons, students are taught five core reading comprehension skills using engaging football-themed texts. Their progress is then tested in online challenges. Completing the challenges will unlock exclusive video tutorials from top freestyle footballers, which will teach students impressive football tricks.

Robert Clack School in Dagenham has run Skills Academy with 15 students in Year 8. Having taken reading tests at the beginning and end of the programme, every student saw progress in their reading age – with some truly remarkable results*.

Amanda Holland, Head of Year 7 and English teacher at Robert Clack School in Dagenham, said: “The students in the group were some of our less capable readers – some of the students had reading ages as low as an eight-year-old. Skills Academy is ideal for students like this as it breaks up reading into manageable chunks, making it much less daunting.

“The results were amazing – every single student progressed in reading age. There were some particularly stand-out results; one young man progressed three reading ages since taking part in Skills Academy, going from the reading age of a ten-year-old to that of a 13-year-old! We’ve also had two boys go up two reading ages – it’s been fantastic.

“Delivering Skills Academy has been my favourite part of the year. We’ll be running it again with the current group in their lunchtimes, and we’ll also be starting it with a new Year 8 group. I’m really looking forward to it!”

Bradley Stoke Community School has seen similar results – particularly for 14-year-old reluctant reader Dylan who has not only progressed in reading age thanks to Skills Academy, but has also developed a love of reading outside school and has been moved up to the highest set in English.

Dylan said: It’s made me enjoy reading. I’ve recently got higher grades in my English and my reading is a lot better than it used to be.”

Dylan’s teacher, Martin Randall, who works in the PE Department and is the whole-school Literacy Co-ordinator at Bradley Stoke Community School, said: “Dylan is a student who I would definitely class as a reluctant reader. Since completing Skills Academy he has developed his love for reading and is 100% reading for pleasure now. He’s really started to enjoy lessons and has been moved up to the top set in English. He devours books at a really impressive rate and I’ve moved him on to more difficult texts as his enjoyment levels have gone up.”

Schools need to be a member of the National Literacy Trust in order to purchase Skills Academy.

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