Write about your lockdown experience with poet Laila Sumpton

Join poet Laila Sumpton to create poems that explore our lockdown world and the new way we are living. What is going on in all spaces that are locked? What strange things have been happening? You'll try out poetry forms such as the kenning and cinquain. 

What do you need to do?

Laila Sumpton portrait

Laila Sumpton is a poet, writer and facilitator working with learners of all ages to tell their stories. She works with schools, museums, youth clubs, hospitals, galleries and even parks to create poetry projects and performances. She has worked with the Ministry of Stories, Counterpoints Arts, The Tate Modern, Historic Royal Palaces, National Literacy Trust and British Library among others. She performs her work across the country and is working on her first collection called 'The Stampless.' Follow Laila on Twitter @lailanadia