Make a pledge to read

Many footballers like to challenge themselves by setting targets. They might pledge to score 15 goals over a season and then work really hard to make it happen. The pledge helps to shape their training and mindset.

Sometimes, it’s difficult to motivate yourself to read. Making a pledge can be helpful here too. Many professional footballers know this; that’s why they made pledges to read in this video.

We challenge you to make your own pledge to read.

Start by downloading the pledge template. Write what you pledge to read and by when you will read it. Then, if you’re feeling brave, you can share your pledge with us on Instagram. Use the hashtag #pledgetoread and mention @zonein_skills. We'll share our favourite pledges in our Instagram stories!

Pledge ideas

  • Pledge to read a book from start to finish.
  • Pledge to read five books!
  • Pledge to read to someone you care about once a week for a month.