Let Out of the Box with Kirran Shah

Kirran Shah

Feeling contained or confused? Break away using writing activities by Radio Producer Kirran Shah. First, use the button below to download an audio recording, where Kirran walks you through some "free-writing activities". The worksheet will give you extra help. Then follow Kirran's instructions and learn to produce an audio recording of your writing.

'Please note: some people may find this poetry prompt raises emotions.

“Have fun – play and imagine. You are in charge.”

Kirran Shah

Kirran Shah is a Writer and Radio Producer. She has trained with the BBC in Radio Operations and produced programmes for both the BBC and local radio. She is a member of the Management Committee at BCB Radio in Bradford. Kirran has also trained in broadcast and community journalism with Sky News and On Our Radar – with a focus on sharing and highlighting the stories of marginalised groups and unheard communities. She is an advocate for local, grassroots arts initiatives and is Vice Chair of Bradford's Cultural Voice Forum.

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If you found this raised upsetting emotions, support and information about mental health is available through Young Minds, and Mind's Children and Young People's service. If you are feeling overwhelmed you can reach out through HOPELINEUK's phone service or Young Minds Crisis Messenger.