Explore new poetic forms with Matt Windle


Matt Windle, pro-boxer and poet, has created a fun, accessible videos to help you explore writing poetry in different forms. Watch the videos that go into depth with a poetic form: history, uses, and writing methods. Then download the accompanying booklet to explore even more forms.

"The best way to generate ideas is just to start writing!"

Matt Windle

How to write... rhymes

Looking to step up your rhyming skills? In this video, Matt Windle talks to you about how and why to use rhyme in poems and spoken word. He looks at what we mean by rhyme, why some words rhyme with others, and sets you some challenges for creating you own rhymes.

How to write... Tanka

Put pen to paper using this helpful video, where Matt Windle explains the Tanka, a Japanese form of poetry, helping you to start drafting your own.

" A thesaurus can be your best friend when writing syllable-restrictive poetry"

Matt Windle

How to write... Haiku

Watch this helpful video from Matt Windle to sample the Haiku, a Japanese form of poetry with 3 short lines.

How to write... acrostic poetry

Get to know acrostic poetry with this video from Matt Windle, learning about their history and features, before trying your hand Matt's acrostic writing challenges.

Matt Windle is Birmingham’s #PoetWithPunch, working full time across England as a spoken word poet to deliver workshops, performances & boxercise classes to schools, libraries, foster homes, young offenders, residential care homes and various other establishments, all whilst fighting at a national level as a boxer. He has worked in schools as far away as Indonesia and Malaysia whilst not forgetting performances in Germany and Austria.