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Robert Starling author of the week

Robert Starling is an author, illustrator and creator of the Fergal series all about a dragon! You can read Fergal and his Friends for FREE, watch a storytelling video, and download free Fergal colouring sheets and doodling challenges.

Fergal the dragon

Read Fergal and his Friends

In Robert's latest book, Fergal and his Friends, the little dragon is missing all his pals while he has to spend time at home.

But Dad is on hand to make him feel better and cheer him up.

Read the book.

Fergal in a Fix

Fergal in a Fix book cover

Find out what happens when Fergal goes off to Dragon Camp as Robert reads Fergal in a Fix for Seven Stories, The National Centre for Children's Books.

Watch the video.

Fergal is Fuming

Fergal is Fuming colouring sheets

In Fergal is Fuming, Fergal is learning to control his temper. When things aren’t fair, Fergal loses his temper and snorts angry fire, burning dinner, a board game and even football goalposts!

Download colouring sheet 1

Download colouring sheet 2

Take on a doodle challenge

Robert illustration

Robert says: 'I've always found if I have a pencil and paper, everything I can imagine is just a drawing away. A blank piece of paper can be a window to anywhere!'

Have a go at these doodling challenges and find out what it takes to become a children's book illustrator.

Download doodle challenge 1

Download doodle challenge 2

Download doodle challenge 3

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