Young Readers at home


Young Readers at home brings books and stories to life for children aged 5-11. This activity pack is designed for children to work through independently, or with the support of an adult. You don’t necessarily need books to enjoy these activities, just the items below and some creative ideas!

What will you need

  • Pens or pencils
  • Paper
  • The activity sheets. These can be printed or viewed on a mobile or computer, using the links below.

Make something

Can you get creative with these book themed activities?


Use these activities to be an explorer and hold your own book Olympics!

Read and write

Use these activities to have fun practising reading and writing.

To download all of the activities in one big file click here [opens as a Zip file].

Why do we focus on reading for enjoyment and sharing stories?

When children enjoy reading and make positive associations with books and literacy, they are more likely to succeed at school and have greater access to opportunities when they leave education. Reading for enjoyment has also been found to increase empathy, improve relationships and parent-child communication and increase mental-wellbeing.

These resources have been developed by the National Literacy Trust as part of the award winning Young Readers Programme.