Write a poem about brothers and sisters

What happens when a wasp flies up your brother’s shorts? How about when your sister sings?

Paul Cookson is a poet and performer. He has produced a series of poetry videos for Family Zone on the themes of creepy crawlies, brothers and sisters, football, teachers and disgusting stuff. Watch him performing some poems, and then follow his step by step guide to creating your own!

How to write a poem about brothers and sisters

Paul Cookson explains how to turn real life experiences with brothers and sisters into a poem.

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About Paul

Paul Cookson has been a poet for thirty years and has visited thousands of schools and festivals. He has over 60 titles to his name and has sold over a million books. He is the Poet In Residence for The National Football Museum. His next session on Family Zone will feature poems all about teachers. Visit the Paul Cookson Poet website to find out more.