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Matt Oldfield AOTW

Are you football crazy and reading mad? Our author of the week, Matt Oldfield, is an expert on writing books all about football and he's got some great tips to share with you.

We've got a FREE extract from Matt Oldfield's latest book, Unbelievable Football, you can read and listen to fantastic facts about Harry Kane, Marcus Rashford and Jamie Vardy in free extracts from the Ultimate Football series, and there's lots of activities to check out too.

For younger readers, there's an extract from Johnny Ball: Accidental Football Genius.

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Matt's writing tips

Why does Matt Oldfield always write about football? Because he loves it, that's why! Watch the video to discover his tips about the things you enjoy the most.

For younger readers

Johnny Ball

Johnny Ball: Accidental Football Genius

Johnny Ball LOVES football. He’s a good player, but not quite good enough to make the Tissbury Primary School team. But never mind, because Johnny has a special role - assistant manager!

Read a free extract

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