Dream Big Board Game

Dream Big Board Game

In this activity you will play a game of luck and challenge, packed with questions helping you explore different careers.

What you will need

  • The activity sheet.
  • Counters for each player.
  • Dice or spinner numbered 1 to 6 (or use a dice rolling website or app on your phone)

How to play

  • Each person starts with a counter. Use a spinner or dice to see who gets the highest number and will go first.
  • Roll or spin in turns and move your counter around the board to match the number you get.
  • When you land on a question, share your answer with the other players. Answer correctly to stay on that number.
  • If you are unable to answer a question correctly, you must move back to your last position.
  • First to the finish line is the winner!

Top tips

  • Use old buttons, bottle tops or coins for counters - or cut out your own from card.
  • Play the game without printing by viewing it on a tablet if you have one.
  • As you answer questions, talk together about each job, what skills they involve and why people would enjoy doing them.

Looking for more activities?

This resource is taken from our Dream Big activity pack, which helps children to imagine their future and challenge stereotypes around different jobs. You can find out more in the Dream Big activity area.