Activities: 5 to 8

  • George's Marvellous Medicine

    George's Marvellous Challenge

    Write a recipe for a potion inspired by George's Marvellous Medicine.
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  • Claude Best in Show

    Get a free Claude book by Alex T. Smith

    Watch Alex T. Smith draw Claude and get a free eBook, from our popular 'Author of the Week' series.
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  • Girl posting letter

    Make friends in lockdown with #MyDearNewFriend

    The project encouraging children to write letters to people living in care homes.
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  • Manjit Sahota

    Poetry Academy

    Get writing prompts, performance tips, and tutorials from top poets.
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  • young readers at home.jpg

    Young Readers at home

    Young Readers at home brings books and stories to life for children aged 5-11. This activity pack is designed for children to work through independently, or with the support of an adult.
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  • Writing image

    Story writing prompts

    A range of simple and fun writing prompts to help your child create their own story. What will their adventure be?
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  • dream_big_ilus_figures.jpg

    Dream Big at home activity sheets

    Help your child explore different careers and the literacy skills needed for them in this Dream Big resource pack.
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  • Dream Big detective

    Enter the Great Copyright Hunt competition

    Can you hunt down the famous copyright symbol © for a chance to win great prizes? Enter this competition and find out how creative ideas are protected.
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  • stayinghome.jpg

    Staying Home - a book for children

    Read this new book about a family of raccoons going through a day in lockdown - no school, no nursery, no work - they're doing their part to save lives just by staying home!
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  • This is not a bedtime story

    Reading chart

    Here’s a great chart to record your child's reading. They can read to themselves, you, your dog or even ring someone up and read aloud to them over the phone!
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  • WheresWally.jpg

    Where's Wally activity pack

    Are you a fan of Where's Wally? Download this activity pack to try out wordsearches, colouring sheets and crosswords!
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  • dream_big_ilus_figures.jpg

    What do grown-ups do all day?

    Find out about different workplaces using extracts and illustrations from the book 'What Do Grown-ups Do All Day?' by Virginie Morgand.
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