Understanding the Literacy Requirements of the New GCSEs - Cheltenham


Every GCSE subject will include literacy requirements from next year. To help teachers meet this challenge, our secondary experts have developed a workshop to focus on key areas such as extended writing and SPAG.

  • Understand how to analyse the literacy demands of your own subject
  • Examine mark schemes from a range of subjects and have a go at modelling extended writing
  • Transform informal, speech–like writing to a more formal written style
  • Learn to highlight specific language features and appropriate academic register that enable students to write like subject experts.
  • Explore reciprocal reading and the Directed Activities Related to Texts (DARTS) approach

Cost: £175 for the first participant per school and £125 for every colleague you bring. Tickets include a £25 discount on membership of the National Literacy Trust.

Existing National Literacy Trust members receive a £25 discount per school - email schools@literacytrust.org.uk to get your discount code.