Taster session - Improving writing in Wiltshire

IPEELL writing

"Participating pupils made approximately nine months’ additional progress compared to similar pupils who did not participate in the intervention."

EEF, Using Self-Regulation to Improve Writing, 2014

Join us for this taster session for teachers to learn more about a successful writing intervention which we will be delivering to Wiltshire schools in the autumn term, based on the IPEELL method.

This course helps teachers develop strategies to take their Key Stage 2 pupils beyond scaffolded writing, building confidence and self-assessment skills and providing a structure for pupils to tackle writing challenges across different text types.

This session will include:

  • An overview of the National Literacy Trust and the resources we can offer
  • Introduction to the writing intervention and the resources and activities used
  • Information about how this course has been implemented in schools and the impact it has had
  • Discuss opportunities for your schools to get involved

Join us!

Attendance at this event is free, but booking is essential. Please use the form below to book your place!

If you have any further questions, please email schools@literacytrust.org.uk

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