Online communication, literacy and wellbeing survey

Teenagers looking at tablets and mobile phones

Would you like to know more about your students’ engagement with social media and video game playing, and how this interacts with their literacy attitudes and behaviours?

Take part in our new survey exploring online communication from young people’s point of view.


Almost half of 10 to 15-year-olds in England and Wales spend three or more hours on line on a typical school day, 87% of 12 to 15s use social media sites or apps and 3 in 5 (58.4%) of children and young people say they talked to or messaged friends more while playing video games during school closures in early 2021. However, little is known about the extent to which young people’s communication on these platforms is informed by literacy and critical literacy attitudes and skills.

When does it run and what will I get?

Launching in October, this will be our very first survey exploring how young people use technology for communication and self-expression and the impact on confidence, identity and mental wellbeing. The survey focuses particularly on young people aged 11 to 16.

Our survey will be hosted by Bounce Together, a digital platform created for schools to evidence and monitor the wellbeing and health of pupils and staff.

Participating schools will receive a summary of their findings, providing an insight into their pupils' attitudes and behaviours and allowing them to be compared with the national sample.

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