Improving Writing in KS2 - online training

"Participating pupils made approximately nine months' additional progress compared to similar pupils who did not participate in the intervention."

EEF, Using Self-Regulation to Improve Writing, 2014

This package is aimed at teachers and literacy leaders in Key Stage 2, and includes two webinars and a printed manual which will provide practitioners with strategies to improve pupils' writing.

The approach is designed to build pupils' confidence, improve their self-assessment skills and empower them to tackle writing challenges across different text types.

How will pupils benefit?

  • Transferable approaches to aid the organization of writing
    Discover methods to support the organisation of pupils' writing in any form and across all subject areas.
  • Ownership of their progress using self-assessment tools, peer assessment and goal setting
    Support pupils' meta-cognitive skills so that they are able to identify success criteria and acknowledge areas for improvement.
  • Confidence and more positive attitudes toward writing in the classroom
    Motivational messages are used successfully in a wide range of contexts, but rarely in academic subjects. Discover the empowering impact of this approach when setting writing tasks.

Course structure and costings

  • 20 October 2020 - an initial 90 minute webinar to introduce the IPEELL approach to improving writing
  • 2 February 2021 - a follow up 60 minute webinar (one term later) to discuss successes and troubleshoot challenges
  • All attendees will receive a printed manual in the post

The training costs £150 per attendee and £75 per additional colleague.

Attendance includes 1 year's membership of the National Literacy Trust for your school, worth £100, providing all staff with access to discounts, subscriptions and premium resources.

Any questions, please email Fay Lant -