Gigs for Literacy: Shabby Road

On Monday 23rd September 2019 - nearly 50 years on to the day from its release - a group of spirited amateurs will perform Abbey Road by the Beatles in its entirety at the iconic 100 Club, and raise money for our work!

The band are:

Andy Miller - Vocals and keyboard
Hannah Griffiths - bass guitar and backing vocals
David 'Klaf' Klafkowski - electric guitar
Malcolm MacWatt - guitar and backing vocals
Stephen Page - drums

Literacy is at the heart of many social problems in the UK today, and as a band made up of people who work in publishing, TV and education, they wanted to support a charity that does brilliant work to improve literacy among children and adults.

So, Come Together on a Monday night and watch 'Shabby Road' perform their version of one of the greatest records ever recorded.

Tickets are just £12.50 and all proceeds will support the work of the National Literacy Trust.

Get your tickets now.

Shabby Road