Croydon Young Readers Crowdfunder

Children are growing up in Croydon without any books of their own. 

Without books and a love of reading, their life chances will be drastically affected.

That's why we've launched a Crowdfunder campaign to bring our Young Readers Programme to Croydon. With every £5,000 we raise, 100 disadvantaged children will receive brand new books and support to give them a love of reading that will help them succeed in life.

Nearly 1 in 3 disadvantaged children in Croydon leave primary school unable to read properly.

16% of children in Croydon live in low income households. Faced with multiple challenges, these families struggle to provide children with books. These children leave primary school without the reading skills they need for life.

The local schools these children attend, such as Croydon’s Paxton Academy, are faced with unprecedented funding pressures, further reducing their pupils’ access to books:

“Our school is in a deprived area – over 60% of the children are on Pupil Premium. Lots of the children don’t have any books at home, and because of our lack of books they can’t take any home either. There are fewer reading books than there are children in our school.” - Ben Foley, Director of Teaching and Learning, Paxton Academy

Croydon, we need your help!

Running our Young Readers Programme in one school costs £5,000. The money will be used to provide around 100 children with three books each, as well as running fun, educational events to encourage a love of reading in the children and wider school.