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There are lots of positive reasons for curling up with a good book. It helps us slow down, view the world in a different way and learn more about ourselves and others. It's also been proven that taking time to switch off with a book, audio book, or a podcast can really boost your mood.

Explore the following suggestions about ways to use books and reading to help your wellbeing.

  • Book group

    Setting up a book group in your school

    Benefit from exchanging ideas with colleagues while devoting time outside the classroom to enhancing your support network.
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  • Teacher mindfulness

    Mental wellbeing blogs

    Here is a list of our favourite health and wellbeing blogs
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  • Behind the cover logo small

    Behind the Cover Book Club

    Behind the Cover aims to inspire and motivate young women by providing access to books digitally, promoting critical thinking, and a sense of community.
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  • 94173 - Take 10 even smaller.png

    Take 10

    Just 10 minutes of reading every day is enough to make you feel better.
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  • The Write Space

    The Write Space workshop one

    Watch the videos from poet Jasmine Cooray to learn about freewriting.
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  • Laura Earnshaw

    The Write Space workshop two

    Watch the videos with myHappyMind founder Laura Earnshaw on the importance of setting goals.
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  • The Write Space Matt Goodfellow

    The Write Space workshop three

    Award winning poet Matt Goodfellow invites you to speak the truth in your poetry.
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  • Teacher Wellbeing Give Blue.png


    Ways to support good causes, make a difference in your community and help those less fortunate.
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  • TeacherWellbeing Take Notice purple.png

    Take notice

    Tools and guidance on how to pay more attention to the moment, manage your workload and change your mindset.
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  • Teacher Wellbeing Be Active blue.png

    Be active

    Learn to be active in the classroom, eat well and support your physical wellbeing.
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